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"It is with great pleasure that I write this five-star rating for Advantage Assisted Living Facility in Rio Rancho, As medical power of attorney and registered nurse for a former resident, I cannot state enough how wonderful the staff is at this facility.

Tom had been at another long-term health facility and was very unhappy. He was quite difficult to please and could be rude at times. We came to Advantage and Jaime Rickard specifically with the concern that our loved one would be a ‘problem child’ for them. Jayme reassured not only us, but Tom as well, that they would provide compassionate, quality care for him. Boy, was that an understatement!

Tom felt so loved and supported. He was extremely happy there. They got Tom walking again after a rehab facility had given up. They worked with him daily to improve his mobility and followed his physical therapy exercises and were amazing. When Tom would start not feeling right from his chronic UTI’s, they would be on top of the changes in his health immediately and advocate for him to get appropriate care. They would visit him in the hospital and would decorate the door of his room with ‘Welcome Home’ signs when he returned.

Tom loved the food there and would excitedly tell me that he had just had chicken fried steak or some other treat for lunch, he was so thrilled as his appetite was poor coming into the facility! When Tom started declining, Jayme and staff would have tears in their eyes as it was evident that he would not be recovering. The Hospice care that he received there was again, amazing. I would get calls from Jayme asking which bible verses were Tom’s favorite so she could read to him.

It is with the greatest gratitude and appreciation that is truly beyond words that I recommend Advantage Assisted Living."

I would like to start by joyously awarding Advantage Assisted Living Facility in Rio Rancho five stars!

Jayme and her staff were absolutely marvelous in how they took care of Tom. Tom was a dear friend who is a former resident of Advantage Assisted Living Facility. I had the pleasure of being his co-Medical Power of attorney with another dearest friend, Ann.

To say that Tom did not want to be in a facility would be an understatement. Before transitioning to Advantage ALF, Tom was at another Facility and was very unhappy. Because of his unhappiness, he exhibited behaviors that made his care challenging to manage and had exhausted any passes to stay at the current facility. Ann and Tony visited other facilities to help locate a suitable transition for Tom. They visited Advantage and really liked it. Jayme was apprised of Tom’s behaviors and they were not a deterrent to admission, and so Tom was relocated to Advantage ALF. To our amazement, it was almost an overnight transformation. Jayme and her staff worked wonders. They were caring, compassionate, engaging, kind. They welcomed Tom and made him feel at home. They allowed him the independence he needed while still keeping watch to ensure his safety. They followed through with physical therapy exercises and other therapies. Jayme communicated to us about all the important things. She would return calls promptly and provided updates on Tom’s progress. I always went to bed knowing that Tom was taken care of and if something happened, I would not be surprised; Jayme was judicious and prompt in her notifications. When Tom fell and broke his hip, he went to rehab that turned out to be a terrible experience sending him back to the hospital. Jayme visited and assessed him. Tom could not even stand. Jayme stated they could take him back to Advantage ALF. In collaboration with home healthcare services, they would do whatever necessary to get him stronger again. It was incredible!!! Any other assisted living facility would not have taken Tom back at the stage where he was at. And they got better!

Each time Tom went to the hospital, which happened several times, he was always welcomed back with great cheer and beautiful decorations on his door. They made Tom feel special. He liked being at Advantage ALF and he thrived!

And when it came to it that our dear Tom was to be transitioned to Hospice Care, Jayme was there to assist and support to the end, no different. Jayme stated, “if possible, it would be best for him to be here because we are part of his family.” It was truly “home” away from home for Tom. Tom was at Advantage Assisted Living for almost a year. From the start to the end, he was truly cared for, respected, his thoughts valued, and his dignity always upheld. Jayme and her dedicated staff made it possible. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all that you did and you were to Tom. You provided Tom with a beautiful home and family, and you provided us with peace that we had made the right choice for our dear Tom. God bless you and reward you in all your work!”