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There may come a time when your loved one needs more care than you are able to provide at home. Should this happen, we have one of the best places for your loved one to live. At Advantage Assisted Living, you can feel comfortable knowing that your loved one is in the best hands, safe & secure. Advantage Assisted Living offers a home-style setting totaling 30 beds, with an extremely comfortable & open atmosphere, while still providing plenty of privacy & security for our residents. We offer a family-style living environment, featuring a large open dining, communal living area & interior courtyard offering our residents plenty of room to socialize and interact with each other, their families & our care givers.


Safe & Secure


Close proximity to Urgent Care & other facilities

On site Mobile Dentistry

24 Hour






Full Food


Private and Semi-private Living




A. Monthly rate is based on initial intake evaluation and level of care assessment.

A. Yes.

A. Yes, Advantage admits residents that require the use of wheel chairs.

A. Yes, a consulting nurse available 24/7.

A. Yes.

A. Visiting hours are 7 am to 7 pm.

A. Yes, smoking is not allowed in the facility. However, there are designated smoking area on site.

A. Yes. Based on initial intake evaluation and level of care assessment.

A. Yes, residents are encourage to continue their involvement as they prefer with their family members.

A. Yes.

A. Yes. Daily activities are offered. We involve many music and social groups, church and youth groups. We have arts, crafts, cooking, games, outings, picnics and can accommodate resident’s likes and pastimes.

A. Yes, Advantage accommodates all denominations in the homes.

A. Yes. We encourage residents and their families to personalize their rooms with their own furnishings.

A. Yes, Advantage menus can be tailored for diabetic and other restrictive dietary needs.

A. Yes, Advantage monitors and assists with medications according to state regulations.

A. Yes.

A. Yes. We provide both and find this to be an excellent introduction to our home in the event that more permanent arrangements are needed in the future.

A. Yes, depending on size, behavior, & level of care.

A. Yes.

A. No.